Moving To Dorset: 8 Reasons To Do It

moving to dorset Are you thinking of moving to Dorset? Or maybe you’re just looking for good places to move and are considering Dorset. Regardless, Dorset has been getting much more famous as a residential area to live in. Over the past years, it has received a significant boost in its population. Most of those moving to Dorset are families who want to escape the much stressful city life in London. With London facing overpopulation and lack of residential spaces, more and more are considering moving away. The high cost of living is also not sustainable, especially for fresh graduates and young professionals who are still in an entry-level position. Despite the salary in London being higher, the cost of living is also higher. Most Londoners suffer through living in small spaces, a scenario that families can’t live in. It is merely just hard raising a family in London. If Dorset is on your top three list of places to move to and live in, well then maybe this article will be the final straw that makes you decide that it’s time to move to Dorset. Here are 8 Reasons why you should definitely move to Dorset!
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Experience The Beauty Of Nature

Dorset has breathtaking coastlines, stunning beaches, amazing coastlines and incredible forests. One Google search is enough to see all the marvellous shots of Dorset. Residents of Dorset get to appreciate the breathtaking sceneries that Mother Nature offers for free regularly. Just a handful of pictures of Dorset is enough to convince, even me, to move. Corfe Castle in the mist? Chesil Beach? Marshwood Vale? The Durley Chine in Bournemouth? Sign me up! 112762599 s Its beauty has not gone unnoticed with residents and tourists alike. Just a few years ago, in 2013, Brownsea Island in Poole Harbour was voted as Britain’s favourite nature reserve while the surrounding area of Wareham is famously known as the most botanically rich area in the UK. Convinced of moving to this city? Book one of our partner Removals and Man and Van in Dorset to help you out.

Beach And Sunny Weather

durdle door nature coastline coast sea dorset Scientific studies revealed that Dorset receives 364 more hours of Sunny weather compared to other counties across the UK. This is perhaps a very fortunate incident to its residents as Dorset is home to miles and miles of coastlines and beaches, perfect for the extra 364 hours of sun. Dorset’s beaches are popular with tourists, especially the sandy beaches of Bournemouth Sandbanks, Christchurch, Swanage and Weymouth. Because of its water-centric attractions, it has also developed a variety of watersports activities like kite surfing and paddleboarding, Doesn’t Dorset seem like the hidden paradise that we all are looking for?          

Thriving Business Centres

Between the continually increasing number of UK residents choosing to buy a place and live in Dorset and the hundreds of thousands of tourists visiting its main attractions, Dorset’s economy has never been better. From a seemingly quiet and economically low county, Dorset now hosts hundreds of small businesses providing employment to its numerous residents from big enterprises to small local businesses such as Carford Heating and Plumbing. Its tourism industry is also doing well, very good even, with more and more international companies investing in them like the Magellan Aerospace, Sunseeker, Siemens, etc. Environmental technology, Advanced engineering and Defence are also some of the leading industries of Dorset that might get you to move. Another growing industry in Dorset is the storage industry. More and more people are renting out self-storage facilities to get some extra space to store their extra items. Self-storage units are a versatile and cheap option for storage solutions. 

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Great Local Food/Produce

Dorset’s mild climate and highly fertile soil are optimal for agriculture. It has been nationally recognised as one of the best producers of local produce. Its diverse food culture has brought in numerous celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsay and Lesley Waters. Fresh seafood caught and brought in from its various harbours never fails to keep everyone with a full stomach. The Dorset Naga, one of the hottest chilis in the world, obviously originates in Dorset as the name implies.

Jurassic Coast Jurassic Coast Dorset

Globally recognised as the only natural World Heritage Site in England, the Jurassic Coast spans for 95 miles. It is famous for tourists as it gives off a picturesque scenery that is worth posting on the internet. The area of Charmouth and the area of Kimmeridge are also known to fossil hunters who are looking to dig up and discover dinosaur bones.


When you move to Dorset, don’t even think that your life will be boring. Dorset hosts numerous festivals that are guaranteed to give you a good time and set you in a good mood. Some festivals that Dorset is proud of and are visited by thousands of people, tourists and locals alike, are Purbeck Festival, Sherborne Abbey Festival, Christchurch Food and Wine Festival, and the Swanage Jazz Festival.

Developing Transportation

Despite only being a two and a half-hour drive away from London, Dorset’s peaceful and quiet scenery, as opposed to the busy and hectic place that is London, makes its residents think that it is much further. If you choose to move to Dorset, you don’t have to worry about long drives and being disconnected from the world. There is a train station with a direct line from Waterloo to Weymouth, stopping at Bournemouth, Poole, Wareham, and Dorchester along the way. The Swanage Railway also allows its passengers to travel directly from London to Swanage. Similarly, if you have a car, Bournemouth and Poole are less than an hour’s drive away. Swanage Railway Corfe Castle Dorset

Highest Life Expectancy

It is perhaps because of all the factors mentioned above that residents living in Dorset have the highest life expectancy in Great Britain. The peaceful, calm life together with breathtaking sceneries and fresh produce results in Dorset residents living for, on an average, around 82.9 years for males— the highest recorded average life expectancy in the UK. So are you now convinced that you should move to Dorset now? Check out this article on house moving costs. Unlike neighbouring counties, Dorset offers affordable housing for the 780, 000 people in its jurisdiction. Just make sure that you do not leave packing last minute. If you think it’s a good time to make the move,  and need help with moving to Dorset, check out our partners  Self Storage in Dorset. For a comprehensive guide in planning your move, check out our moving house checklist.

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