Moving To The USA? For 2019, Here Are The Best Places To Live—And What City Topped The Rankings

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A Vast Country

Dreaming of moving to America? Here’s the thing: America is exceptionally desirable throughout its territories; it all depends on your interests. Do you like hot days, cool nights, and endless open space? You may fall in love with Nevada. Many feel it’s too dry and vice-filled. Just a few hundred miles west of there are endless redwoods. The Pacific Northwest has beautiful temperate forests, but it rains a lot. Florida is basically a tropical jungle of lizards, retirees, and spring break enthusiasts with a couple gators thrown in—but it’s actually a pretty neat place to live. New York has the history of the nation at its core, and global reputation as a mega city from which worldwide economy is generated. The whole northeast is full of massive cities a stone’s throw from one another; but as you get inland, there are more affordable and idyllic places. Other cities in the southeast are filled with charm and fine cuisine, if you can take the sweltering heat in the summertime. The broad midwest is wide, it’s open, it’s affordable, and to some it’s plain; to other’s it’s secure fodder for building a family. South California is full of excitement, intrigue, insanity, and enough taxes to choke an auditor; it’s best to visit here, until they get their bureaucracy figured out. Also, have a fat wallet. California nickel and dimes you to death these days. New York City, Washington D.C., and San Francisco outpace Los Angeles for expensiveness; but not by much. Of course, when staying in places like NYC or LA, you will be short on space. We are not operating in the U.S just yet, however, storage companies like silverstone storage amongst others can help free up some room in your apartment by storing unnecessary items away. You may have to get used to a minimalist lifestyle! Then there’s Alaska and Hawaii; essentially countries in their own right legislated under United States government. There’s something for everyone in America; which is the best for you personally will depend on what drives you. Following, five of the best spots to live for 2019 will be explored, ending with the top-ranked city for the year. You might just end up packing your things sooner than you think and get convinced to stay there for good!

Believe It Or Not, Iowa City, Iowa

Iowa City is nestled in the heart of Iowa. Now this is rich farm country, but there are plenty of winding rivers and deep, stretching forests. There’s also a surprising metropolitan element. Des Moines, Dubuque, Cedar Rapids, and Iowa City all have well-developed metropolitan centers. Of these four Iowa City is considered by many to have the best balance. The city isn’t too large, but it has shopping, dining, and entertainment. There’s a central district that has exceptional night-life, and a collegiate campus which keeps life continuously trendy. If more mature pursuits are your aim, forty miles to the north is Cedar Rapids. And smack-dab in the middle, Mount Vernon, Iowa; a collegiate village with chic shopping. Also, Iowa City is only a short drive from Chicago to the east, or Minneapolis in the north. Saint Louis isn’t that far away either. For vacations to the big city over the weekend, you can make the trip comfortably. Lastly, living in Iowa is fairly affordable. Median home values in Iowa City are around $230k. Buying in the outskirts can be especially affordable. Especially for the foreigner looking for a true heartland experience, there’s much to recommend Iowa City. The worst downside? It gets hot and humid in the summer. Prepare some lakeside activities!   how to move to america

Southeast Atlantic Coast; Jacksonville, FL To Myrtle Beach, SC

There are a lot of really neat places to live in America’s southeast. It’s true, crime has some negative influence here—especially in Myrtle Beach, which has much in common with Ocean City, Maryland to the north. At the same time, the beaches are pristine, for many you don’t even have to pay to park there; just pull up, park, and hit the waves. Even in the dead of winter, the Atlantic is generally pretty warm—compared to the Pacific, anyway. A surfer in Malibu wouldn’t feel cold in Florida or Myrtle Beach over December. Well, not initially! The issue comes from humidity, which is cloying and ever-present in the south. But to offset that, living costs are down. Florida doesn’t even have income-tax. There are plenty of places in the hills north and inland to disappear, too. All along the coasts are stretching cities full of fine entertainment. What makes these areas particularly interesting in 2019, and especially for foreigners, is the fact that costs are low, but you still have the ability to enjoy fine nightlife, entertainment, dining, and other modern amenities.

Pacific Northwest—But Outside City Centers

Seattle and Portland are very neat cities, but you’d do better to live at the outskirts. Traffic is terrible in both, and the closer you get to city center in either, the more expensive the property. As well, the greater the crime. However, the climate has much to recommend it. In Portland, blackberries grow from the vines at the back of almost every building, and the coast is but an hour away. You might want to check out Astoria or Manzanita, Oregon, too. These places are gorgeous, they usually stick between about 40 and 80 degrees year-round (peaking in summer, dipping in winter), and the foliage is breathtaking. It’s like living in a mint, there’s so much green. Now rain is regular—this is actually a subtropical rainforest. But it’s peaceful and refreshing. Costs beyond metropolitan centers in the Pacific Northwest are going to be higher than in the midwest, and the southeast; but they won’t be as high as metropolitan rates, and you can get more for less in the small towns on the coast. It’s not the same coast as a southern city; it’s much closer to what you might find in Brittany, but with an almost primordial feel to the towering trees and massive ferns. Also, Oregon just had an economic dip that’s driving prices down. Basically, the recreational cannabis market was given free reign by the state government, who neglected to note that prior recreation, cannabis profits derived from…well, “exports” rather than local sales. Now the market is flooded, driving costs of this substance down, and forcing a good chunk of local economy to exercise emergency tactics in terms of finances. For people with independent income looking for bottom-dollar properties, such situations are worth watching. best places to live in usa Colorado Front Range The recreational cannabis market has also affected Colorado. Some would say this is negative, some would say positive. First and foremost, in a financial sense, this new economy has much similarity to Silicon Valley. Colorado made getting a license to grow recreational cannabis harder, and has so kept the market from the boom-and-bust Oregon saw. Before this legalization, Colorado’s natural beauty, burgeoning tech sector, and endless outdoor activities were already a huge draw. There are those who have likened Denver now to California in the eighties; and it’s an apt description: many from California are even migrating that direction. In fact, owing to California’s largely failing economy, there are many economic travelers leaving the western state and settling in Arizona, Oklahoma, Texas, and Colorado—primarily; other states see their Californians as well. This has driven up property values in Denver to such a level that they’re beginning to rival those of L.A. Within ten miles of Denver’s city center, an apartment is going to be around $1,650+ a month, and that at the “single bedroom” level. It’s just the same in Los Angeles presently. What this means is, don’t live within ten miles of Denver’s center. Check out Boulder, Golden, Englewood, Longmont, Loveland, Fort Collins, Berthoud, Estes Park, Lyons, or maybe even Greeley if you’re into agricultural pursuits and the effluvia of cattle. All these places are within sixty miles of Denver proper; some much closer. Golden, Boulder, and Longmont are practically suburbs. In Longmont especially you can find affordable housing.

Dallas, Texas

Texas never gets cold; well, not that cold. Right now, Dallas/Fort Worth is poised to overtake Chicago as the nation’s third largest metropolitan area, behind L.A. and N.Y.C. Job growth is exploding, so is economic growth. Texas is a massive state that is almost a country unto itself, and has a typical American culture many seek when coming to the USA from overseas. You can find top-tier housing, or affordable options, and there’s work throughout the area. From downtown Dallas apartments to outskirt townhouses, duplexes, and estates, there’s much to recommend this central area of the country. Texas has a little bit of everything except, maybe, snow. If you’ve never been, it’s worth a visit at the very least. Texas is also a place which is very positive toward enterprise. It’s business-friendly, and certain businesses will always provide profit, provided they’re managed properly. Texas is famous for its saloons and drinking establishments—just ensure you’ve got the proper liquor permits. Additionally, it’s got plenty of open ranges for cattle, and fine real estate opportunities.

Finding Your New Home

Whether you’re refreshing yourself in the Pacific northwest, languishing under the Florida sun, enjoying Colorado’s crisp air, or Texas’ growing industry, there are many options for those visiting the United States today. Take a holiday and visit the places you’ve been most curious about to find what you love.

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