A Guide on International Removals Companies and How To Make Your International Move Easy

international removals Are you moving to a new place in a different country? If so, you’re probably wondering how exactly that’s going to go down. Moving within the same city is already challenging and expensive enough. Imagine how tough and costly it’s going to be for you to move to a different country altogether. Fortunately, by finding the right international moving company, there are many ways for you to ease the burden of moving overseas and make it more bearable! To help you find the best international removal company for your move, we’ve come up with a quick guide on what they can do and how much they usually cost. Additionally, to help you with your big move abroad, we’ve gathered a few tips which you may find useful, whether you’re a student moving to a new country alone or a professional looking to provide better opportunities for your family.

All You Need To Know About International Removal Companies international removal companies

What Is An International Removals Company?

International removal companies provide moving and transportation services for those who are looking to move overseas.  Just like a removals company which you can hire for a local or long-distance move, you can hire an international removals company to help you out when you are moving overseas.

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There are many things you can hire an international removal company for! For one, you may employ them to give you advice on what exactly you need to do for your big move overseas. Alternatively, you may also hire them for their packing services, international shipping services, and sometimes even their international removal storage service. You may be wondering, “If they’re just like a removal company, then why can’t I hire local moving services instead?” Well, while the process will be quite similar, several elements are quite different. There are many more things to consider for an overseas removals job, after all.  Hence, you are better off hiring a company with the right set of skills and specialities instead. 

Is It Safe For Me To Hire An International Removals Company?

Yes, and you have the British Association of Removers (BAR) to thank for that! BAR regulated international moving companies are held up to a high that they must adhere to.  With that in mind, you can rest assured and trust that your belongings will be in good hands!

How Are International Removals Company Costs Computed?

Just like during a typical removals job, many things could affect the cost of international removal companies. Here are the most common ones:

Freight Methods Used international moving companies

How you plan on transporting your items will play a massive part in the cost of your international removals job.  You may either move your stuff via land, air, or sea. Unfortunately, you cannot simply choose the cheapest option, as it will depend on where you are moving to. Here’s a quick look on where each freight method is best used for:
Road Freight
If you are moving to a neighbouring country that can easily be accessed by land (i.e., due to the Eurotunnel or accessible ferry crossings), the best option for you is to transport your items via road freight. This option is usually the quickest and the most convenient, thus making it the most common choice for those who are moving across landlocked areas.
Air Freight
If you are moving to a country overseas, road or land freight is not an option. Hence you will have to choose between moving your belongings via air or via sea. Airfreight is an ideal option when you are looking for a quicker method of transportation. However, because it is much faster, it is also more expensive.  You can expect to pay airfreight fees based on the volume of your goods.
Shipping Freight
Shipping or moving belongings via a shipping container at sea is perhaps the slowest option on this list. It could take a few weeks to get your belongings to your destination country. However, many still use this method of shipping their belongings overseas, as it is somewhat cheaper than airfreight. 

Long-Term International Storage

If you find that there are items which you don’t need to take with you when you move abroad or plan on moving them at a later date, you may ask your removal company to store your belongings in the meantime. The best part about this is that your moving company can easily send your belongings to you anytime!

Other Moving Services

Often, when you hire removals services, your movers will expect to find your items already packed and ready to go. However, if you decide to avail of their expert international packing services, you will have to pay for it and the cost of the packing materials to be used. Moreover, there will also be extra charges if you opt for premium or white glove removals services, which will involve the handling and removals of fragile, sentimental, or high-value items that you want to ensure the safety of.

How Do I Get The Best Deals For International Removals Companies?

As already mentioned, moving abroad can be a bit costly. Hence, it is crucial for you to look for ways to get the best deals and lowest removals costs possible.  Here are some ways you may do this:
  • Take only essential items with you.
  • Consider transporting them yourself if you are moving from the United Kingdom to anywhere within mainland Europe.
  • Make sure your items are insured.
  • Compare multiple international removals companies.
  • Don’t be shy to ask for a discount!

How To Make Your International Move Easy and Cost-Effective

Now, with your knowledge of international removals companies, you’re one step closer towards having a successful international move. To help you make sure your move abroad is as successful as possible, we’ve also come up with a list of tips to make your move easy and affordable!

Plan Ahead Of Time international removals

Before anything else, you will need to start planning this move long before you are scheduled to leave. Make a checklist of tasks you need to accomplish leading up to the big day. Having a moving checklist will help you keep track of the tasks you have already done and remind you of the ones that you have yet to accomplish. After all, moving abroad is a huge deal! Forgetting something or leaving something unfinished is not at all an option! Also, create a timeline for the items on your moving checklist. Which tasks should you do six months before the move? How about three months? What items should you have accomplished a couple of weeks before the big day? Will you be hiring an international removals company? These are all things you should be able to determine before you start the moving process. A moving checklist is also incredibly helpful when you are moving with the disabled or elderly, while pregnant, with kids, or with pets, among many other particular circumstances.  Lastly, it would be ideal for you to create a budget for the move so that you won’t find yourself going overboard. As mentioned above, moving abroad can be quite pricey. Hence, making a budget and sticking to it will help reduce the stress of moving and help you save time and money.

Sort Out Your Belongings

Before you begin packing your belongings for the big move, do consider sorting through them. Chances are when you do, you will find many items which you no longer want or need.  If you find these types of items, you may choose to either sell, donate, or throw them away. Remember, you are moving overseas! So, lugging tons of unnecessary items is not an option! In fact, if you can do without too many items from your old home, you may always choose to leave them behind and keep the most valuable in a storage unit. You may, of course, also turn to your international removal company for their storage services. Either way, decluttering will make moving easier not just for you, but for the international removal company of your choice.  If you are planning on packing your items yourself, it would also be a good idea to categorise your belongings as you pack them up.

Prepare All Your Travel Documents Ready Beforehand international movers

Depending on which country you will be moving to, there will be a lot of paperwork and documentation you will need to have on hand. Aside from your passport and visa, you will also want to make sure you have your birth, marriage, academic, medical, and social security records on hand. For the other paperwork you may find yourself needing, check this out.

Research Your New Country

Moving to a new place you don’t know much about is very difficult. Hence, it would be beneficial for you to learn as many things about your new country as possible. This includes the culture, local practices, and a bit of the language if you are moving to a country speaking a foreign language.  You may also check out this list of things you need to find after relocating.

Ready To Make The Big Move?

So, are you ready to make the big move? Start planning your international removals today! Meanwhile, for local removals jobs, you may always check out removals companies near you!

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