A Guide for Packing Mirrors for Storage

packing mirror If you are wondering how you can pack your mirror to guarantee maximum protection during storage, then read on through this guide for some simple yet effective packing tips. Mirrors are expensive that’s why they require extra attention than the other things, you can check some of the quality mirrors on this site.
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Step 1 – Invest in High-Quality Materials for Packing

Packing mirrors should start with understanding why it is important to buy high-quality packing materials. If you would want to store your mirror safely, then you must buy packing supplies of high quality.
These materials include a packing tape, Styrofoam, customized moving box, and corner protectors. Compromising on the quality of these packing supplies while trying to save your money might result in costly consequences in case the mirror breaks and you have to buy a new one. High-quality packing materials

Step 2 – Take a Masking Tape and Make a Large ‘X’ Sign on the Mirror

Place the mirror on a flat, soft surface such as the bed. Then place strips of the packing tape on the glass from one corner to the other to form an “X”. The aim of doing this is to ensure that the glass will not shatter in case it gets broken. Taping the glass will also protect its frame from being damaged in case the mirror falls from a high height. This way, you will only replace the broken glass rather than the full mirror, and this will save you money. 

Step 3 – Use Corner Protectors to Guard the Frame Corners

Learning how you can transport a mirror is all about protecting it from all possibilities. Most people forget to protect the frame. They only focus on protecting glass. However, failing to protect the frame is a big mistake since the frame itself protects glass. Hence, protecting the frame is important to avoid damage that may come from bumps during transit. Use corner protectors to protect the frame. These protectors are ideal for frames that have right-angled edges. Use bubble wraps for frames that are curved or ornate. 

Step 4 – Get a Cardboard Sheet and Place it on the Glass Surface

Use scissors to cut a piece of cardboard to place on the mirror. The cardboard will protect the mirror from grime, dirt, and dust that leave marks and scratches on glass surfaces.

Step 5 – Take a Styrofoam and Cut it to a Size Similar to the Cardboard and Place it on the Cardboard

To protect the mirror further, take a Styrofoam, then cut it into two sections. Their size should be similar to the cardboard. Take the Styrofoam and place it on the cardboard. Use a packing tape to secure them together.

Step 6 – Now Wrap the Styrofoam, Mirror and Cardboard Together

Take some old blankets or towels and use them to wrap the mirror, Styrofoam, and cardboard in one bundle. Ensure the wrap is tight enough. You may use bubble wraps if you can’t get some blankets or towels. Use plastic wraps to top up the bundle. Plastic wraps will prevent mold and moisture from damaging the mirror when storing it.

Step 7 – Put the Wrapped Mirror in a Customized Box

It is important to use a customized box to move or store a mirror. A customized box will come in a perfect size for your mirror and protect the entire mirror from damage. Using a larger box will leave a lot of room where the mirror may move a lot during transit and this may damage or break it. Moving large mirrors tends to be tricky. Using a fitting and high-quality moving box will protect it from accidental bumps during transit.

Step 8 – Mark the Box Clearly

Fragile on Box
Message saying Fragile, Handle with Care on brown cardboard shipping box
Mark the box as “Fragile” in clear and large writings. Mark all sides to make sure that everyone handling the package will not have any excuse of tossing it carelessly. If you forget to mark the box, you might fail to treat the mirror carefully especially when moving.

Step 9 – Move or Store the Mirror Upright

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Young couple moving or moving into new apartment together transported a mirror
The most important thing when moving or storing a mirror is to keep it upright. Also, no item should be stacked on the mirror. Glass is the most delicate part of a mirror and storing the mirror with the glass facing the front or laying it flat would risk chances of objects falling on the glass and break it. Storing it upright will keep it safe from damage. With these 9 steps in mind, you have learned how to easily pack large mirrors for storage or when moving.

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