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What is Self-Storage Tenant Insurance and Why Do You Need It?

Sometimes we just don’t have enough space. Whether we need to store grandma’s china or our dad’s guitar collection, you need to get all the extra stuff out...


9 Items That Should be Stored in a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

When you decide to take the big step of storing your belongings in a self-storage unit, you should look for what kind of features these services come with. Certain...


A series of storage trunk décor ideas

The trunk is an attractive decorative feature within the room and will assist you in maintaining the tidy appearance of the bedroom. Let’s discuss some storage...


4 Reasons Why UK Residents Would Need Self-Storage Facilities After Brexit

The Self-Storage Industry has been considered as one of the industries that would be affected greatly by the impending exit of Britain from the European Union. There...


All You Need To Know About Car Storage

Imagine you just took out one of the biggest car loans of your life, you drive your dream vehicle home, and have no place to store it. A car is a massive investment...


Here’s How You Can Create More Storage Space In Your Home

No matter how big your home is, storage space is one thing you always find lacking. Whether it’s for putting away your winter clothes, old kids’ toys you don’t...


The Ultimate Guide For Self-Storage Contracts

When you decide to rent a self-storage unit, there are a lot of terms that come into it. Your contract is a legally-binding, written agreement that should consist...


How to Declutter Your Home by Using Self Storage Facilities

According to research, clutter could significantly increase the production of cortisol, a stress-causing hormone in our body. Clutter negatively impacts performance...


How Businesses Can Benefit From Storage Containers

Storage units are multifunctional. Not only can they be used for your big house move or to store any additional belongings you don’t want cluttering up your house...


5 Helpful Tips for Choosing the Perfect Business Storage Provider

All businesses are constantly optimising and looking for opportunities to become more profitable. But as the business grows, so too does the need to have more space...


Long-Term Airbnb: 6 Ways to Store Items When You’re Far From Home

Traveling is always an exciting endeavor as it allows you to explore new places and meet new people and experience new cultures. It's no wonder why a lot of people...


Long Term Travel Storage: 6 Tips to Store Your Belongings While on a Long-Term Vacation

Whether it is for work or vacation, a long-term trip would mean that you will need a safe place where you can store your belongings that will be left behind. The...


Creating Extra Storage Space at Home

Storage space within the home can often be overlooked, that is until clutter begins to build and items are untidily stacked up in corners or the bottoms of cupboards...


Garage For Rent: A Thorough Guide On Finding A Garage To Rent

It is a well-known fact that storage space tends to be an issue for homes around the UK. Whether it be due to the sheer number of belongings you have, or just the...


7 Factors That Affect Self-Storage Prices

The prices of Self-Storage facilities vary. It can cost from a few pounds a week to hundreds of pounds. This is because of several factors like size, location, amenities...


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