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Without carefully laid out plans, moving can become such a disaster for you. There’s too much stuff and too little space. Your kitchen is still being renovated and you don’t have a place for your items. Your new place came with new furniture but you can’t throw away your old ones. You don’t want to unpack in one go.

All of these are just some reasons why residents in Cambridgeshire rent out a self-storage facility. WhatStorage enables its users to choose the best storage unit for them from the largest online listing of storage facilities across the UK.

How Does Self-Storage in Cambridgeshire Work?

Consider doing research first before renting out a self-storage unit in Cambridgeshire. Often, tenants are left with units that are either too big or too small for them. It also comes with a lot of unnecessary amenities that causes them to lose money instead of saving. The goal of self-storage facilities is to save you money. If you’re losing excessive amounts, then it is counterproductive.

Cambridgeshire is voted as part of the Top 10 Best Cities to Live in The UK. It has become a property hotspot. Students flood Cambridgeshire due to the famous University of Cambridge. Majority of these students rent self-storage facilities to save on space and money. It is also recommended to get one during term breaks so students do not have to haul their items back home.

Cambridgeshire is home to two world-class hospitals — Papworth and Addenbrooke’s. Because of the increase in population, it is no wonder why housing prices in Cambridgeshire are more expensive than in other counties. To save money, most residents get a smaller house than needed and just rent a storage facility for their extra items.

To accommodate the influx of movers, Cambridgeshire is seeing a lot of developments like new companies investing in them and land being converted into residential areas.

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Self-storage prices in Cambridgeshire vary depending on the size, location, and amenities. The more amenities you want your self-storage unit to have, the pricier it would get. Similarly, the closer your unit is to the city centre, the more expensive it will become. Storage facilities are like real estate and their value increases as real estate does. It would be great if you can find a self-storage that is the perfect size for you. Too big and it would be too expensive, too small and it wouldn’t be effective.

If you need help moving your belongings into the facility then check out our recommended Removals or Man and Van services in Cambridgeshire.

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