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When you realise you have more stuff than space to keep it all, what can you do? You obviously won’t get rid of all your precious belongings. If you’re considering London Self Storage, you’ve come to the right place. WhatStorage is a new platform that allows you to search all of London storage units with just one click. With our advanced search filter tool, you’ll be able to pick the best storage solution without compromising on your needs.

How Does Self Storage in London Work?

Finding self storage in London can be difficult to navigate, especially if you want to find affordable prices. Before entering your quest, you should be aware that self storage London prices vary depending on a few factors. The location’s average weekly income, population, migration, real estate prices, and housing conditions can be big acting parts when it comes to storage demand. But don’t worry, we’ve compiled some useful info that will enhance the way you look at the storage market in London. World-renowned London is the capital and most populous city of England and the UK. With more than 8.5 million people living in it, this city is one of the leading tourist destinations in the world, attracting over 15 million people each year. When you think of London, monumental structures come to mind, such as the Big Ben, London Eye, Tower Bridge, and Elizabeth Tower. In a city with as many people, there’s also plenty of things to do. From visiting the iconic Buckingham Palace to taking a tour at the favourite royal wedding location, the Westminster Abbey, London will fascinate everyone who chooses to spend their vacations in this concrete jungle. London’s economy is so large that this city alone generates about 30% of the UK’s GDP. With its five major business districts: the City, Westminster, Canary Wharf, Camden & Islington and Lambeth &Southwark, London has some of the highest real estate prices in the entire world. Therefore, storage demand rises and the self-storage market becomes equally expensive.

Compare Storage Units Near Me

Don’t give up the hope, finding cheap storage units in London it’s not an impossible task. WhatStorage is here to help you find the best deal on storage you possibly can. Compare storage units near you and discover the benefits of using small and independent self storage facilities. If you need help moving your belongings into the facility, you can check out our recommended Removals or Man and Van services in London.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no standard cost for self storage in the different areas of London, as the base price typically differs based on variables such as unit sizes, location, level of quality, services offered, climate control, and the demand for self storage in the area. However, most of WhatStorage’s partners in London charge an average of £12/week to £55/week, depending on unit size and amenities.
Items you may keep in your self storage unit include furniture, seasonal items, large household appliances, files and documents, books and magazines, toys and recreational equipment, luggage, collectible artwork and antiques, and non-perishable food items.
You may not store drugs and/or stolen goods, garbage, firearms, flammable, hazardous, or explosive materials, pets, plants and human beings (A storage unit may be used as a workshop or alternative office, but not as an alternative living space).
To choose a self storage unit size, list down all the items you plan on keeping in storage, and determine if you plan on adding more items in your storage unit in the future and refer to our storage size guide to determine how big of a unit you need.
Aside from the normal deterioration of any item exposed to moisture, extreme temperature, and dust, there shouldn’t be any major damage to your belongings. However, to minimise the above-mentioned deterioration, we advise our clients to cover their items in plastic or cloth and keep smaller objects in cardboard boxes or plastic containers. Most of our partners also offer climate-controlled storage units for sensitive items.
If you wish to keep your stuff in the exact same condition as when you brought it in, a climate-controlled unit may be the way the closest thing to getting that. Additionally, sensitive items like antiques, pieces of art, electronics, musical instruments, photographs, items made of leather, collectibles, and makeup or toiletries are best stored in a climate-controlled storage unit.
Self-storage units are typically used for when you are decluttering, downsizing, moving, and remodeling your home. Moreover, a storage unit is also useful for business storage and student storage. Alternatively, a self storage unit may also be used as a workshop or an office.
No. Only you and your trustees will have access to your storage unit. The storage facility will never ask for a copy of your keys or lock code.

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