Find New Self Storage Customers & Increase Your Profits

Find New Self Storage Customers & Increase Your Profits

Get FREE access to thousands of potential customers every month.
Get free exposure and only pay for results.

Get FREE access to thousands of potential customers every month.

Get free exposure and only pay for results

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We’ll help you fill your store!

How it Works

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Create your listing, showing your service to best effect with pictures, special offers and prices
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What We Do For You

Get to the top of the organic search engines, so you can compete with bigger companies who spend more on SEO

Prioritise your facility for customers who are near you

Propose your deal to customers, backing it up with photos and other facility details

Encourage customers to call you directly or fill in an enquiry form

Send follow up emails to customers on your behalf

Provide report data on your traffic and enquiries

Why Partner Now with WhatStorage?

Self storage facilities are still open during the lockdown (SSA guidance).Many current users of self storage, both individuals and businesses, are already struggling financially. Facilities should expect a huge wave of bad debt; as soon as the lockdown is lifted, there will be a wave of vacations from customers who can’t afford to pay.Get ready! You’ll need to hit the ground running to fill your empty units when the wave hits!. Set up and optimise your WhatStorage account now, and prepare your team!

Get better leads at a lower cost

  • 50% off for the first two months.
  • Free to set up a listing
  • No monthly charges for a listing
  • Fixed charge per customer enquiry or phone call
    • £8 – £12 per lead.  (50% off for the first 2 months)
    • No charge for calls of less than 15 seconds
    • No duplication of charges for two calls from the same phone number or two enquiries from the same email address
  • Option for a premium listing (Please call to discuss)

“But I’m already full and don’t need more customers”

Then you should be charging higher prices! You’re missing a trick if you’re turning customers away…

“I spend my whole budget on PPC”

WhatStorage only charges for real enquiries – not just website clicks. You’ll probably save a lot by reallocating some of your budget and then testing which solution gives you better value.

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